For the 2020 Classic we will visit Lake Chickamauga in Dayton Tennesse  

Tournament days are Friday March 19th and Saturday March 20th
We will be using the Dayton Ramp

We encourage everyone to start locating lodging asap. There are many homes for rent on as well as the folks down at Blue Water Resort.

We are working on some things and will post updates asap.

Participants are required to submit the official entry form by mail or email no later than March 6,2021 

Anglers may pay entry via the following methods
Zelle @ (614)598-9606
 PayPal with fees @
Or via Check by Mail

Boat Numbers will be given via draw at the pre tournament meeting. The time and location will be posted as soon as we finalize it.

 Team Series Classic 
Prize winners
Boat boys awarded Dave Miller and Shawn Magors with a $500 Gift certificate for their accomplishment of winning the Central Ohio Division points race.
Boat boys awarded Mike Cooper and Brian Mullett with a $500 gift certificate for their accomplishment of winning the Southern Division Points Race
Boat boys awarded Jim Hite And Brian Caudill each with a $500 Gift certificate for their accomplishment of winning the Muskingum Divisions points race
Skeeter T-shirt winner 
Todd Geirke
compliments of Boat Boys
Chris Shoemaker was the winner of a bottle of Release Me livewell aditive which was compliments of Boat Boys
Joe Hanning was the winner of a bunch of packs of Warrior Baits which were generously provided by Warrior Baits
Howard Miller winner of $50 in Venom Lures gift certificates provided by Venom Lures
Howard Miller was the winner of the Yamalube which was provided by Boat Boys
Scott Newlan was the winner of a set of Skeeter Branded tackle boxes which were provided by Boat Boys. These will look great in his boat !
Mike Coper was the winner of a Yamaha Visor which was provided by Boat Boys.
Dirk Davenport made out by winning a bag of goodies from Bass Bomb's Custom Tackle as well as a $25 Venom Lures gift card.
Shane Bollen with an awesome Skeeter Boats grilling set. Thanks Boat Boys! Many of us will get to enjoy this item. :)
Ron Nutter was the lucky winner of a Warrior Bats prize pack. Thanks Warior Baits !
Kevin Collins (The Great Cornholio) was the winner of a great looking Skeeter T-shirt provided by Boat Boys.
Marlin Temme was the winner of a Bass Bomb's Custom Tackle goft bag.
Alan Fulks was the proud winner of not one , but two $25 Venom Lures Gift Cards
Brian Mullett wins a nice looking Yamaha Hat compliments of Boat Boys
Bryan Sabo wins a nice looking Hummingbird hat which was supplied by Boat Boys
Mike Casey with a Bass Bomb's Custom Tackle assortment pack.
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Below is a list of Classic Qualifiers. If you do not see your name on the list and fished the required events to participate please text Phil @ (614)598-9606 asap

Blue = Payment received with entry form    Red = Payment received need form
Central Division

 Bores & Counts
 Reeves &  Yarnell
 Davenport & Nutter 
Dawson & Dawson
Thompson & Myers
Fryer & Fryer
 Eichensehr & Wood
Maier & Alexander
Davis & Jones
​Cordell & Morgan
Harter & Harter
Horn & Kemp
Casey & Workman
Busse & Ray
Cooper & Cooper
Adams & Climber
Lackey & Lackey
Hahn & Gross
Tucker & Williams
Thompson & Leytem
Daniels & West
Imler & Newlon
McCarthy & Godfrey
Mohler & Desrochers
Bircher & Bircher
Hoffman & Tucker
Shawnee Division

Gross & Jordan
Kunkle & Sloan
King & Salsbury
Noffit & Mathews
Hixon & Rodgers
Myers & Claybaugh
Elrod & Simpson
​Satterfield & Satterfield
​Hanes & Jackson
Eyink & Niekamp
Brandon & Hoenie
Davenport & Niece
Arnold & Stant
Green & White
McDonald & Williams
Stienaker & Stienaker
Clause & Miller
Petry & Petry
Ellis & Ellis
Poffenberger & McCluskey
Ganger & Becker

Rocky Creeks Division

Malone & Stephens
Pitman & Justice
Bennet & Hackworth
Moore & Sexton
Robins & Copeland
Hiles & Helton
Haskell & Redmon
Sutmiller & Oconeli
Rice & Parsons
Taylor & Becker
Rand & Rand
Garrison & Garrison
Pollock & Wallace
Kiley & Davis
Bailey & Shelton
Dyke & Young

Mid Buckeye

Westfield & Lape
McNannie & Smith
Hack & Stepp
Amstutz & Rummel
Shoe Maker & Shoemaker
Kenny & Keller
Whitcomb & Bosley
Uber & Williams