For the 2022 Classic we will visit Lake Chickamauga in Dayton Tennesse 

Lake is off Limits March 1st  until  March 25th 
Official Practice days are Saturday March 25th through Wednesday March 29th
Tournament days are Thursday March 30th and Friday March 31st  - We will be using the Dayton City Ramp

A pre tournament meeting which will be held on Wednsday March 29th at the ramp. Meeting will start at 4:30pm. Boat Numbers will be drawn at his time. Make sure that if you do not have an official entry form/waiver already submitted to bring it with you!

We would also like to remind everyone that if your partner is unable to attend the event , you are welcome to pair up with another angler who has qualified.

 Team Series Classic 
Below is a list of Classic Qualifiers. If you do not see your name on the list and fished the required events to participate, please text Phil @ (614)598-9606 asap

Blue = Payment received with entry form - Red = Verbally Committed - Yellow = Needs to buy in 
Central Division

Jimmy Fryer & Andy Fryer
Alexander Datz & AJ Compston
Dave Adams & Matt Climer
Mike Casey & Don Workman
Matt Bores & Aaron Counts
Mike Ray & Rick Moore
Carla Longstreth & Buddy Busse
Cody Dawson & Luke Nelson
Sam Tucker
Dustin Karns & Lonnie White
Scott Porter & Jeff Bennett
Rick Imler & Scott Newlon
Brent Fetherolf & Brian Poe
Ryan Jones & Brendon Davis
Mark Kemp & Aaron Maier
Mike Cullop & Hoss Cullop
Brandon Heston
Glen Tucker & Gary Hoffman Jr
Sean Hupp & Buzz Bircher
Jerry Smith & Mike Smith
Shawnee Division

Matt Petry & Chad Cremeens
Brandon Howell & Steve Denzel
Josh Corwin & Nate Hanes
Scott Casto & Bill Armstrong
Shawn Jordan & Zane Myers
Aaron Moffit & Zack Wilt
John Maples & Dave Maples
Joe Kinkle & Scott Sloan
Scott Klaus & Brian Miller
Steve Rodgers & Dave Hixon
Jeff Hoenie & Allen Tipton
Jason Davenport & Eric Niece
Dan Stant & Dave Arnold
Scott Tangerman & Kevin Tangerman
James Brining & Jamie Berg
Otis Baumgardnt & T. Jason
Rich Miller & Brian Davis 
Jay Ellis & Jason Ellis Need 1 event
Randy King & Glen Salisbury Need 1 event
Rocky Creeks Division

Ryan Hipsher & Dave Pratter
Ronnie Hiles & Jamie Helton
Norm McGee & Pete Wulff
Virgil Moore & Shane Sexton
Lawhorn & Thacker
Steve Pitman & Jason Justice
Dave Haskell & Jason Iles
Todd Kinnison & Ben Kinnison
Jacob Hacworth & Garet Bennett
Lallier & Lallier
Jeff Hayward & Barry Hayward
Hank Sparks & Haydon Anderson
Jerrode Jones & Matt Abbinate
Tim Partin & Jerry Parker
Adam Baker & Zack Baker
John Fitzpartick & Rick Fitzpatrick
Gunner Davis & Bruce Helton
Brian Mullett & Dave Jarrell
Tyler Shaw & Shawn Fyfe
Chris Oconeli & Sutmiller
Jared Brumly & Spencer Numelly
Paul Perkins & Doug Wagoner
Hook & Braisden
Bryan Parker & Troy Ross
Frank Williams & Connie Williams
Isiah Liggins & Eric McClure
Chris Storts & Gary Shephard
Roger Weakley & Ryan Weakley
Tim Posey & Lytle
Steven Pollock & Bill Pollock
Justin Hardyman & Jeff Hardyman
Koller & Michelle Gries
Brubaker & Tussing
Ryan Burns & Dustin Watson
​Mark Rand & Dalton Rand
Shawn Davis & Dave Kiley
Mike Shelton & Brandon Bailey

Mid Buckeye

Steve Westfield & Al Lape
Jake Rossi & Ynez Aguilar
Ben Smith & Bobby Smith
Grant Hack & John Stepp
Mike Shoemaker & Chris Shoemaker
Dave Whitcomb & Tad Bosly
Marlin Temme & Matt Temme
Jacob Whitfield & Rocky Perry
Justin Fain & Ty Fain
Beth Mills & Lori Provisil
Patrick Henry & Alex Connor
Jim Leary & Steve Hatfield
Don Coots & Don Roberts

Classic Entry fee and form must be received or postmarked by 3-4-23 to be eligible to participate 
Eastern Division

Jeff McBeth & Bailey McBeth
Aaron Todd & Eddy Wears
Troy Khune & Brad Evans
Josh Fisher & Wes Hammer
Lance Laughrey & AJ Compston
Willar Hensley & Mark Hensley
Cory Covic & Caleb Meek
PJ Eddy & Edgu Gavarkavich
Tommy Wright & Jamie Khune
Shane Gerber
Doug Scott & Kyle Knapp
Joe Vincent & Jason Aamont

We would like to thank all of the awesome companies that supported the circuit in 2022
Mike's is putting up $500 to the largest limit to be weighed in on day 2 of the classic!!!!