We are pleased to announce that we now offer TBX Jerseys to everyone to purchase. These jerseys are just like the ones our staff wear. They will include our 2021 sponsors. If you purchase a jersey it will have your first and last names on the front and last name on the back.  If you order by Saturday February 6, 2021 we should have the jerseys ready for distribution at the Classic event at Lake Chickamauga and there will be no shipping cost. 

Price per jersey is $45
Shipping is around $6

Just as a reference , this is the jersey background image. It will have the TBX logo along with the following logos as well. Malones Marine, Venom Lures , The Rod Glove, Enigma Fishing, XZone Lures, Dove Designs, Gator Guards and Phoenix boats.

To order your own jersey please contact:
 Phil Carver
Text (614)598-9606 or Email - phil@teambassxtreme